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September 14, 2009

Juan, the Champ

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Juan Martin Del Potro

Juan Martin Del Potro

Wow..What a match that was. I never saw Juan ever playing before and I had really high expectation on Federer for this match. But Juan Martin Del Potro stunned the world by stealing Federer’s crown in the US Open finals. It could not have happened by chance because defeating Federer and Rafa (6-2,6-2,6-2??) in the same tournament is close to impossible.  I was under the impression that Rafa did not put his best on the court, because of his injuries. I thought the chances of Federer, the five time champ, loosing were close to nothing.  But Juan put on great show. especially the forehand shots were so spectacular that Federer does not have an answer for them. But I still feel that was not the real Federer. I believe he had higher expectation set on him and was so much pressure even after winning the US Open five times in row and break the records that he created himself.  But I do not have complaints because Federer already showed the world what he is, so its probably time to yield for the young talents. Federer kept his cool most of the match, but lost it to the empire ones.  His frustration is probably understandable. But the 20-year Juan was so humble to congratulate and acknowledge the talent of Federer.What really threw me off was the announcer did not gave chance to say a few words in Spanish. Juan had to request him the second to say a few words in Spanish. I am not sure what he said but he was quite emotional.

I am sure Federer will be around for more but we might have found ourselves a new star! Bravo Juan.


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