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January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King “I have a dream”

I live in Birmingham,AL and one can feel Dr. King’s inspiration all around us here in Birmingham. The incidents at Birmingham played a major role bringing Dr. King’s dream in to reality much sooner.

If you want to read more about the historical incidents that happened during Dr.King’s visit follow this link.

Dr. Martin Luther king in Birmingham,AL

Here is the text of letter written by Dr. King during his imprisonment in Birmingham,AL jail.

Letter from Birmingham Jail

Also, Here is the historic speech delivered by Dr. King at the Lincoln memorial in DC.

Happy Martin Luther King Day!


November 4, 2008

Congratulations President Obama!

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ABC News

Source: ABC News

Obama fulfills Martin Luther King Jr’s dream after 45 years. Obama is all set to take the highest office of the country and to cash the check that the architects of the constitution promised in the constitution of Independence, as Martin Luther King would put it, on behalf of the millions of African Americans.

By making it to the White house, Obama not just takes the responbility of reshaping the country as he promised but he will also have to deal head on with many tough issues that Bush will leave behind. Apart from this Obama will face some situations that no past American president ever encountered. The African American community seems to have major expecations from Obama and dealing with them without making the white community frown and bringing everybody together will be an uphill task for him over the next four years.

John McCain fought a great war and accepted his defeat in a heroic fashion. I hope he really means every word of his speech delivered right after the results are declared from Arizona. I guess McCain’s biggest mistake ever was Palin. Honestly, I am not a pro-democrat or a pro-republican. I have issues with both of their policies and I strongly concur with many other policies proposed by either front. But in these tough times, I would really expect a Harvard and Columbia graduate to perform much better than a past war hero and a soccer mom, or a hockey mom as Palin would put it. I respect Mccain’s long experience in Washington and I would unconditionally agree that nothing can replace real experiene. But unfortunately we will also have to consider, McCain alone can not lead this country ahead and given the situation, we do not afford to take any more risks. I am pretty sure that was the thought process of millions of young Americans, who chose Obama to lead them,had in their minds.

I hope Obama succeeds to keep his promise to bring change in the life of millions of Americans and above all finds, an immediate cure to the economic epidemic.

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