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November 14, 2009

Doodle 4 Google- My India

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A few weeks ago Google organized a doodle competition for kids in India. The theme of the competition was “My India”. Google wanted to see what does India really mean to kids and they wanted to make a doodle out of their perception of India. The competition was conducted at 3 levels, 1st to 3rd standard, 4th to 6th standard and 7th to 10th standard.  what came out of this competition truly unimaginable. I could not perceive young kids in their primary schools coming out of such unbelievable doodle master pieces.

What really impressed me was not just the vibrant sketches but the thoughts behind those doodles.  It is really interesting that for most of the children, atleast for those who made it to the finals, their picture of India is a country of multiple religions or in otherwords Unity in diversity. Most of the other kids chose Mahatma Gandhi to represent India. Indian culture, historical artifacts like Taj Mahal were visible in others. For some tech savy kids their India in the modern era is all about advancement in Science and Technologies.

It reminds me often Tare Zameen Par when I glance through all these doodles. I am glad that the new generation gives so much value to our diversity of cultures and history at par with our recent technological development.

Here is my pic for the best doodle out of all three categories.

Jai Ho by Vansh Garg

Jai Ho - Source:

Here is the best pic selected by the Dennis Hwang from the Google team, created by Puru Pratap Singh , a 4th standard student from Gurgaon. Puru also baged a laptop and Puru’s school was awarded a Google technology grant of Rs.1,00,000.

My India- full of life

My India- full of life, Source:

You can find rest of the doodles here at the Google India website:


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