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August 23, 2007

Global warming, A hoax?

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It was 14th April 2007; I just came back home after a long day at work. A friend of mine told me that there was a musical concert in our university indoor stadium. I thought it is probably a local band performing in the school. But I was shocked to know that it was actually Sheryl Crow. I have been a fan of hers for a long time. I went to the concert and there was something else going on apart from the musical concert. There were banners and posters about Global warming all over the place. Sheryl Crow came out  accompanied by Laurie David, a global warming activist. It was then I got a sense of what is really happening. Sheryl and Laurie were on a university tour promoting the global warming campaign.  It was more of global warming concert than Sheryl Crow’s.  I was a little disappointed about not able to hear a whole lot of her songs but Laurie David was quite a show with her presentations.

After I came back from the concert I spent some time reading the latest news on global warming. It is not like I heard about global warming issue after a long time. But seemingly this was another high tide for the global warming activists. I read about Al Gore leading the global warming movement and watched Al Gore’s The Inconvenient truth. Before I forget, Al Gore and the gang recently hosted another publicity event, The Live Earth Concert.

After that day, I could not help paying attention whenever I hear about global warming .  It is the hurricane season again and global warming is all around in the buzz. Its been really interesting that how many people really know and understand about the concepts of global warming. I observed that with the increasing number of advocates for global warming, the number of skeptics is also growing, thanks to the media for promoting both side of the issue.

A common question on a global warming discussion table is that how many people believe that it is a real phenomenon. The advocates of global warming support their arguments with hints to Katrina, the rising average global temperatures, uncommon seasonal weather around the world and Of course about The day after tomorrow movie. The skeptics propose many alternative theories. They argue that the rise and fall of global temperatures follows a cycle of low temperature followed by high temperatures and we are in a high temperature cycle now.

My take on the global warming issue, I feel that it does not take a great deal to understand the gravity of the situation. There are many evidences of something terribly going wrong since the beginning of the industrialization age to Katrina devasting New Orleans. I am sure each and every one of us can sense that there is something happening the way it  should not be. There could be many reasons and it could be possible that there is no real phenomenon as global warming. But I feel that it won’t hurt if we accept the global warming phenomenon and start prevention measures.

Lets talk about saving the energy resources.  It is a known fact that if we continue to cosume our energy resources the way we are now, we will be running out of gasoline, coal and many othe natural resources very soon. So unless we assume that we will develop new technology for the whole world to survive on solar and wind power, the saving of energy resources makes a perfect sense and so are the many other measures proposed in the so called “Go Green” movement.

Therefore I do not really care about the terminology or the science the scientists chose to describe the  underlying phenomenon of the unusal things happening. I feel its our responsibility to do what ever it takes to make this world a better place to live in for the coming generations.

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